Yuvraj Kumar

VP - Operations


21 OCT 2003
Patna, India


Yuvraj Kumar aka ChieF is a Young Esport enthusiast, Gamer & Experienced Leader. He manages and leads all the operations at Stalwart Esports. He holds an bachelor’s in engineering & technology. Expertise in project management and is the lead behind many of our successful acquisitions & operations. He loves spending time to play games and explore all the possible opportunities available to help Stalwart grow.

Stalwart Esports Original Logo V1
STE Girls buzzin’ as well! 
Champions of Ratez Global Girls Championship S1.
Reached Turkey.🇹🇷
Heading towards PMGC 2023 endgame battlefield!🇹🇷
Your ~Spotify~ Esports 2023 Wrapped.
What are boys thinking about?
Team Stalwart drop spots for PMGC GRAND FINALS 🇹🇷
Our Journey Ends Here, But we’re going back with a lot of lessons and experience. We’ll be back very soon!
Popularity Annual Gala 2023 is starting soon! Send popularity to team stalwart & prove yourself to be a good stalwart fan! LETS GOOOOO!
Curse broken. 😍
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