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Founder & CEO

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Zeyan Jeelani Shafiq

21 JULY 2002

Anantnag, Jammu And Kashmir.

Notable Startups:-

1. Stalwart Esports(2020)

2. KashBook(2017)

3. Stalwart Music(2019)

4. Stalwart Events(2020)


About Zeyan:          

Zeyan Jeelani Shafiq is a Young Kashmiri  Entrepreneur, Programmer, Founder of KashBook and CEO of Stalwart Esports. In 22, May 2017 he developed KashBook when he was 16 years old.KashBook quickly rose to fame after it caught the attention of all media agencies, In July 2019 launched a music label named as Stalwart Music factory This music label focused on uplifting young Kashmiri musicians and to promote artists specifically from Kashmir, In January 2020 he started Stalwart Esports as a pan-India organization to be able to advance India’s position in the competitive world of eSports. With a vision to boost the Esports ecosystem and to uplift talents, Stalwart Esports became one among India’s premier esports organization in a short span of time, He has been investing into cryptocurrencies since a very young age and the various startup’s to uplift and support all the young entrepreneurs in India.

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