About Us

Stalwart Esports (Founded on 10 January 2020) is an Indian Esports organization, headquartered in Delhi, India. With a vision to boost the Esports ecosystem and to uplift talents, Stalwart Esports has structured teams in PUBGM, FreeFire, CODM, Clash Royale, PES. Stalwart Esports became one of India’s premier esports organisation in a short span of time, this organisation focused on uplifting and curating gamers from India and participating in competitive gaming.
With over 6 Titles,7 Majors,46 people under our name within 1 year of our operations we’re looking forward to expanding and explore the content creation division as well.
We have started our operations internationally in south Asian countries. And we’ll be looking forward to exploring other countries in upcoming times.
We believe in our tagline
“Curating professional gamers”.

Stalwart Esports Original Logo V1
What are boys thinking about?
Team Stalwart drop spots for PMGC GRAND FINALS 🇹🇷
Our Journey Ends Here, But we’re going back with a lot of lessons and experience. We’ll be back very soon!
Popularity Annual Gala 2023 is starting soon! Send popularity to team stalwart & prove yourself to be a good stalwart fan! LETS GOOOOO!
Curse broken. 😍
We care about you. 😘
Sorry, we take our words back. 😭
We cooking them in KIC 2023.
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